RECENT WORK — Pecadillo Pictures LLGFF 2013 Party

I photographed Pecadillo Pictures‘ annual party at the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. During the party, I decided to do an impromptu set of portraits asking some of the party goers to show me their best “bedroom eyes.”

Christa-Holka-Peccadillo-LLGFF13-21Mar13-0086 Christa-Holka-Peccadillo-LLGFF13-21Mar13-0088 Christa-Holka-Peccadillo-LLGFF13-21Mar13-0096 Christa-Holka-Peccadillo-LLGFF13-21Mar13-0108 Christa-Holka-Peccadillo-LLGFF13-21Mar13-0109 Christa-Holka-Peccadillo-LLGFF13-21Mar13-0119