RECENT WORK – Time to Connect (Film Stills/Portraits)

I worked on a short documentary with my friend, director Cat McShane. I did stills photography as well as provide production and art direction support.

The film was for the British charity, the Prison Advice & Care Trust (Pact) promoting the work of a new training scheme “Time to Connect” that aims to bond prisoners and their children more closely during their sentence.

We shot the film on location in a young men’s prison in Southeast London over four shooting days. I had never been inside of a prison before and on the our first shoot day, as we entered the prison and went through the many layers of security, I found myself a bit nervous at the unknown of what was ahead of us. It made me think about how the the unknown creates fear and how that fear can take so many different turns.

On our arrival, we were met by “Lindz” who would be our escort throughout our shoot. Lindz immediately made me feel at ease as she took us to one of the guards’ canteens and gave Cat and me a cup of tea.

On our first shoot day, Cat interviewed three prisoners one-on-one inside of their cells. Lindz sat outside while Cat conducted the interviews and I took photos.

I immediately found the young men to be kind, respectful and sensitive. I noticed how I felt in this tiny room with this young man who had done something in order to be here for an indeterminate amount of time. I stopped wondering what he did and just listened to how hard it was for him to be in prison while his child was growing up without him. I noticed how each cell was different and how each cell also spoke to me about the person we were interviewing. I became interested in the things within the cells and how they were arranged.

The remainder of the shoot was a two-day training session that culminated in an all-day visit with the young men, their partners and children.

Here are a few other photographs from the shoot: